Andrea Faulds

Software Developer
(Not currently looking for work.)



Employment: University of Aberdeen — June–July 2017

I participated in 2-month research project on the application of structured semantic XML to legal documents. I helped develop a multi-user PHP Laravel web application using BaseX and PostgreSQL for storage, to enable reading and searching the XML-annotated documents in a user-friendly manner.

Open source: PHP project — 2013–present

I have been an active contributor to the PHP programming language for four years.

Open source: Gang Garrison 2 — 2011–present

Gang Garrison 2 is an open-source 2D multiplayer online video game written in GML that I managed several releases of and have contributed to for several years:

Freelance: Various custom widgets — 2013–2016

I used to offer a service of designing and creating bespoke interactive widgets for customers’ websites, written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I achieved a consistent 5-star rating for timely service and delivering on client expectations.

Personal project: PictoSwap — 2013–present

PictoSwap is a online messaging service I created from scratch to target the Nintendo 3DS, implemented as a single-page web app using HTML5 canvas for its drawing features. The service has users draw notes using the touchscreen and send them to friends, who can then watch the drawing be replayed stroke-by-stroke. The backend uses PHP 7 and SQLite 3.

Conference Talks


MA Language & Linguistics, University of Aberdeen — 2014–2017

Personal interests

Within the field of programming, I take particular interest in networking, internationalisation and Unicode, the web, 2D and 3D graphics, and programming language design.

Outside programming, I have a keen interest in linguistics and language learning. I am proficient in German to B2 level.